Jamie Richards is a translator, primarily from the Italian, based in Milan, Italy. Born and raised in greater Los Angeles, California, she earned her BA in English from Scripps College, studied Italian at Temple University, Rome, and went on to complete an MFA in literary translation at the University of Iowa and a PhD in comparative literature from the University of Oregon. Over the years, she taught numerous courses in comparative literature, translation, and Italian language and culture, and has presented papers at several national and international academic conferences.

Part of the cohort that revived the literary translation journal Exchanges at the University of Iowa, she also completed a year-long fellowship at Dalkey Archive Press, where she worked as a translator, editor, and scout. She continues to write reader’s reports for various publishers and occasionally writes book reviews and essays. She is a 2021 NEA literature translation fellowship recipient, and is a member of PEN and ALTA, which awarded her a travel fellowship in 2004. Currently, she works for the Balzan Foundation, an organization that administers major academic prizes in the sciences and the humanities, and translates modern and contemporary Italian literature and comics.

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