​​​​​Graphic Narrative

Andrea Ferraris, Churubusco (coming soon!)

Manuele Fior, The Interview (coming soon!)

Paolo Bacilieri, FUN (coming soon!)

Igort, The Japanese Notebooks (coming soon!)

Arturo Benvenuti (ed.), preface by Primo Levi, Imprisoned (KZ): Drawings from the Nazi Concentration Camps

PowerPaola, Virus Tropical 

Manuele Fior, 5,000 km per second

Igort,The Russian & Ukrainian Notebooks


Igiaba Scego, Adua (forthcoming in 2017)

Giovanni Orelli, Walaschek's Dream

​Finalist, 2015 Italian Prose in Translation Award
"Reading Walaschek’s Dream is as spellbinding as watching a meteor shower. This is one of the best novels I have read in years." -
Historical Novel Society​​

Giancarlo Pastore, Jellyfish

Nicolai Lilin, Sniper (US); Free Fall (UK)

Criticism & Non-Fiction

Matteo Bussola, Sleepless Nights and Kisses for Breakfast

Serena Vitale, Shklovsky: Witness to an Era

"This timely memoir, which passed from Russian conversation through Italian into English, is wonderfully rendered by Jamie Richards into the rambling, aphoristic, suddenly profound voice we recognize as that of Soviet Russia’s most cosmopolitan monolingual critic." -Carol Emerson, Common Knowledge

Marco Arnaudo, Superhero Comics: Myth, Ethics, and Narrative Strategies

"Both complex and highly readable—Jamie Richards’s translation from the Italian is outstanding—The Myth of the Superhero is a work that should stand as a touchstone within institutional comics studies." -Derek Royal, Comics Alternative 

Giacomo Papi, Booked (US); Under Arrest (UK)

Shorts & Excerpts

Gabriella Kuruvilla, "Barbie," Words Without Borders

Ermanno Cavazzoni, stories from Brief Lives of Idiots, World Literature Today (online and print)

Paolo Bacilieri, excerpt from Fun, Words Without Borders


Giacomo Leopardi, Saying to Myself: A Beckettian Translation of Giacomo Leopardi’s ‘A se stesso,’ Unsplendid

Giorgio Orelli, Alberto Nessi, Vanni Bianconi, and others, Modern and Contemporary Swiss Poetry

Unpublished Translations

​I also translate for the drawer, and have several translation samples available. Please contact me if you are interested in any of the following writers: Marosia Castaldi, Maurizio Salabelle, Gabriella Kuruvilla, Filippo Tuena, Giancarlo Pastore, Ermanno Cavazzoni, Gianni Celati, Giovanni Orelli, Paolo Nori, Leonardo Colombati, Edoardo Sanguineti, Giuseppe Culicchia, Enzo Fileno Carabba, or Luigi Malerba.